FAIR: Tender Building installation work:Services for the TGA-heating/cooling

The FAIR Management have published a Tender Building installation work over the TED and Hessen-tender platform. The type of procedure will be competitive procedure with negotiation. The subject of the tender is the services for the TGA-heating/cooling. Interested firms are welcome to contact: Pradeep Ghosh, Deputy Scientific Secretary of FAIR AFC, Facility for Anti-Proton and Ion Research in Europe GmbH Planckstrasse 1, D-64291 Darmstadt - Germany / Deutschland. Tel: +49 (0) 6159 71 - 3257 Fax: +49 (0) 6159 71 - 3916 Pradeep.Ghosh@fair-center.eu www.fair-center.eu.

Within the scope of an international research project, FAIR GmbH is planning the construction of the new "FAIR" (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) accelerator complex - hereinafter referred to as FAIR project - with connection to the existing GSI accelerator facility. The subject of this tendering procedure is the services for the "TGA - heating / cooling", realization phase I (RI) and optional realization phase II (R II). Essential components of the services are: - Refrigeration Equipment, - Heat engineering equipment. Plattform Hessen: https://vergabe.hessen.de/NetServer/PublicationControllerServlet?function=Detail&TOID=54321-NetTender-1665e91ab02-3da0b1eb642f20c9


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Titel: FAIR: Tender Building installation work/Services for TGA-heating/cooling
Publicerad: 2018-10-15
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