CERN: Construction site barracks

MARKET SURVEY is scheduled for dispatch during the fourth quarter 2017. Followed by an INVITATION TO TENDER scheduled to dispatch during the fourth quarter 2017. Firms are welcome to express their interest by sending an e-mail to: CERN publication date: 25-09-2017

CERN intends to place a contract for the rental or/and purchase of construction site barracks in different sizes and types. Interested firms shall have a proven experience and competence in the supply of construction site barracks and their maintenance.  

Technical questions: D. Pazem Commercial questions: S. Magnan Sandrine.Magnan@cern 

Interested firms are also welcome to contact Research Match for further information. We offer MATCH-RING for monitoring your business possibilities as well as complete bid production and contract audit.                                          


Forskningsanläggning: CERN -
Registreringsnummer: MS-4385/SMB
Titel: Supply of construction site barracks
Publicerad: 2017-10-26
Sista dag för anbud/svar/anmälan: 2017-11-30
Leveransdatum: Not specified
Ordervärde: Between 750 kCHF and 5MCHF
Kompetensområden: Byggnation/anläggning, CERN, Reparationer/underhåll
Research Match support: , 070-492 66 95
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