CERN: MS-4316 Servers and disk storage

FÖRNYAD FÖRFRÅGAN med förlängd svarstid till den 29/5. INTRESSEANMÄLAN avseende rubricerad marknadsundersökning under Q1 2017 och som följs av en upphandling under Q2. Förfrågan avser ramavtal med flera leverantörer. Avrop och leveranser enligt avtal kommer att ske under perioden mitten av 2017 till mitten av 2018. Intresserade företag är välkomna att anmäla sitt intresse direkt till: Technical questions: E. Bonfillou Commercial questions: F. Najeh Cern publicerade förfrågan första gången den 16/2 2017.

The aim of this Market Survey is to qualify firms for forthcoming invitations to tender for the supply of servers and disk storage. Servers are rack-mountable PC systems, or integrated systems such as blade servers for batch and interactive farms in the Computer Centre for physics data processing. Disk storage configurations with hard disk drives and, to a smaller volume also solid state drives, mounted in external rack-mountable SAS JBOD expansion units directly attached to rack-mountable PC front-end server systems. Servers and disk storage are to be optionally acquired fully assembled and installed in industry standard racks. The Market Survey will cover multiple tenders from mid 2017 to mid 2018, each for which the equipment is expected to be sourced from more than one supplier. Equipment shall be delivered to CERN local data centre, beams department premises and physics experiments sites outside Geneva. Interested firms must be ISO 9001 certified and be Intel Tier 1 supplier or an Intel Premier Provider, or have an equivalent business and technical relationship with AMD. Some tenders require servers and storage compatible with Windows 2012 R2 and/or certified for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 and/or certified for RedHat Enterprise Linux 7. Off-site (return to base) warranty services for three or in some cases up to five years are required. Some tender may also require on-site support at CERN premises outside Geneva.

Forskningsanläggning: CERN -
Registreringsnummer: MS-4316/IT
Titel: Framework Market Survey concerning the supply of Servers and Storage for Physics Data Processing, Acquisition and Control.
Publicerad: 2017-05-22
Sista dag för anbud/svar/anmälan: 2017-05-29
Leveransdatum: Mid 2017 - mid 2018
Ordervärde: Above 10 MCHF
Kompetensområden: CERN, IT/Big Data/CAD, Montering, installation, logistik
Research Match support: , 070-492 66 95
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