ESO: Information angående kommande anbudsinfordran avseende upphandling av utveckling, tillverkning och testning av "Prefocal Station A Main System" för ELT.

Förfrågan avser att identifiera möjliga företag som är intresserade av att offerera beskrivet system.

Request for information (RFI) to identify companies and/or consortia that are interested in and capable of developing, building and testing the Prefocal Station A Main System of the ELT.
The Prefocal Station A Main System, is an approximately 30 tonne high-precision opto-mechanical device, that will be installed by ESO on one of the Nasmyth Platforms of the ELT telescope. It will occupy a volume of about 5m (width) x 4,75 m (depth) x 13,5 m (height).
The major functions of the Prefocal Station Main System are to:
·        Provide optical beam propagation from the telescope to the Nasmyth Instrumentation, Coudè Instrumentation, Phasing and Diagnostics station.
·        Deliver focal plane and telescope pupil images to imaging and wavefront sensing cameras hosted in the PFS-A Main System using natural guide stars. These images will be used for field acquisition, field stabilization and wavefront control of the telescope.
The Prefocal Station A Main System includes the following main elements:
·        A large mechanical welded supporting structure
·        Two optically flat elliptical mirrors made of low thermal expansion glass ceramic (approximately 1597mm TBCx1111mm TBC and 527mmx383 mm) along with their cells and kinematics
·        A natural guide star adapter hosting three scanning sensor arms and the kinematics required to move them independently. Each sensor arm comprises a flat pickoff mirror and optical systems that form an image of a natural guide star and a corresponding telescope pupil image at the interfaces with the imaging camera and wavefront sensing camera respectively
·        Local control system
The Prefocal Station A Main System also hosts several other subsystems of Prefocal Station A: imaging camera, wavefront sensing camera, metrology, phasing and diagnostic station. The hosted subsystems are not in the scope of supply of the PFS-A Main System.
The potential supplier shall perform the following activities at his own premises: design, analyse, fabricate, assemble, verify and test the Prefocal Station A Main System. Upon successful acceptance granted by ESO, the supplier shall dismount the Prefocal Station A Main System and pack it ready for shipment to Cerro Armazones in Chile.
Based on the outcome of the RFI, issued to potential suppliers in ESO Member States, ESO is planning to release the corresponding Call for Tender in Q3 2017.

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Titel: Request for information for the design, construction and supply of the PFS-A Main System.
Publicerad: 2017-02-17
Sista dag för anbud/svar/anmälan: 2017-03-31
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Ordervärde: >150,000 EUR
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