Iter.orgDirector-General visits and receives an award in Washington. Keeping the governments and policy makers of the ITER Members informed on the project’s progress and challenges is an essential part of the Director-General’s mission.

While in Washington, where he was having government-level meetings, ITER Director-General was presented with Fusion Associates’ Leadership Award for his performance in leading ITER.

Last week, ITER Director-General Bernard Bigot was in the US for government-level meetings. Notably, he met with the Department of Energy’s new Undersecretary for Science Paul Dabbar; Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Conrad Tribble; White House Energy Advisor George Dave Banks—as well as with Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Ranking Member of the US Senate Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development (Committee on Appropriations).

The Director-General was also able to attend the annual meeting of Fusion Power Associates, a non-profit research and educational foundation that aims to provide timely information on the status of fusion development and other applications of plasma science and fusion research.
Stephen O. Dean, President, presented Bernard Bigot with the Leadership Award for his performance in leading ”the most challenging project in the history of the world fusion effort and especially for the management and political skills you are bringing to this historic international venture.”