Bsbf2018.orgJust one week before the early bird tickets close, BSBF2018 can announce an exciting new assessment: At the conference, the nine Big Science organisations behind BSF2018 – CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, ESS, European XFEL, F4E, and ILL – will present investments worth 10 billion euros for the next five years.

The 10 billion euro investments represent exciting opportunities for European businesses and the nine Big Science organisations hope that businesses will use the early bird opportunity to sign up for Europe’s new one-stop-shop on the Big Science market.

When nine of Europe’s largest Big Science organisations have some together to create BSBF2018, they have done so because they want to contribute to a stronger, more transparent and consolidated Big Science market for the benefit of both Big Science organisations and businesses. They want a new and common marketplace to meet existing and potential suppliers and a platform to address the challenges and opportunities of the Big Science market.

BSBF2018 will be a first step towards establishing a more transparent and efficient Big Science market in Europe and will also be an important contribution to the sustainability of Big Science.

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Unique opportunities for the industry

At BSBF2018, Europe’s largest Big Science organisations will, together for the first time, present their future investment and procurement plans for businesses. In total, they will invest approximately 10 billion euros in the next five years. This will require new suppliers and invites new businesses to become part of the Big Science market.

The Big Science organisations’ investments in the next five years are spread across a number of business areas such as remote handling systems, cryogenic technology or diagnostics, detectors and instruments – just to mention a few. At BSBF2018, these business areas are addressed in the conference’s parallel sessions and in each session the Big Science organisations will address planned investments in the years to come. This is a unique opportunity for businesses to examine if and how they can supply products or services to a Big Science organisation within their preferred business area.

Experiences from the market show that an existing relationship with one Big Science organisation makes a strong reference point for other Big Science organisations as well as other high-tech industries: while the entry barriers of the Big Science market might be high, once a business has landed an order, it serves as a high-quality stamp of approval, thus making it easier for the business to pursue new orders.

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