Pressrelease, iter.orgThe outputs of new project performance metrics as well as the report of the 2017 Management Assessment were evaluated by the ITER Council in its most recent meeting. The Council confirmed that the ITER Project remains on track for success, despite the Project’s extraordinary technical complexity. ITER Council Members jointly reaffirmed the importance of the mission and vision of the Project.

At its Twenty-First Meeting on 15 and 16 November 2017, the ITER Council reviewed a detailed set of reports and indicators covering both organizational and technical performance. Despite the extremely demanding construction and manufacturing schedule, and the challenging technical requirements of the ITER Tokamak and support systems, the ITER Project continues its strong performance, and remains on schedule for First Plasma 2025. The ITER Council commemorated the 10th anniversary of the entering into force of the ITER Agreement.

 Project milestones: Since 1 January 2016, all 26 scheduled Council-approved project milestones have been achieved, maintaining strict adherence to the overall project schedule and critical path. For each occasion in which specific milestones have shown a small amount of slippage, mitigation measures have been put in place to recover and maintain the First Plasma schedule, stimulating confidence in the increasing maturity of risk management practices.

 Measuring progress effectively: The Council was pleased by the ITER Organization’s adoption of strengthened project performance metrics to measure physical progress in construction, manufacturing, assembly and installation. Specific percentages of completion are now in hand for each major building, system, and component under fabrication. Using this approach, the ITER Organization assessed total component manufacturing through First Plasma to be 61% complete, and total construction work scope through First Plasma to be 49% complete, including ITER Organization assembly and installation activities.

 Management Assessment 2017: The ITER Council noted the recently received report of the Management Assessor for 2017, focused on the preparedness of the organization to deliver the project successfully.

 ITER Member support: The Council continued its candid discussions acknowledging continuing efforts made by each Member to overcome various challenges, which includes ensuring approval of the cost baseline, as concluded in IC-19. 1 Council members reaffirmed their strong belief in the value of the project, and its mission and vision, and resolved to work together to find timely solutions to ensure ITER’s success. The Council expressed its gratitude to outgoing Council Chair, Professor Won Namkung for his leadership and dedication, and congratulated Mr. Arunkumar Srivastava on his appointment to the Chairmanship for the following year. Read the full pressrelease here (link).